Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
The Webster Groves Police Department safeguards the lives, rights and property of all persons. It endeavors to achieve its goals and objectives by using a wide range of services delivered in such a manner that maximum efficiency and productivity are obtained from available resources.

The continuing objectives of the Webster Groves Police Department are to improve the quality of life by:
  • Preventing, detecting, and controlling crime on a continuing basis relying, when possible, on pro-active, preventative measures
  • Aiding, to the greatest extent possible, those who cannot care for themselves.
  • Facilitating the safe and expeditious movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Creating and maintaining a feeling of stability and security in the neighborhoods of the City, being as responsive as possible to community concerns regarding police matters
  • Administering the Police Department in the most cost-effective manner possible, obtaining maximum performance and effectiveness, from both human and material resources