Building Permits

An application for a building permit must be submitted before any work on the following:
  • Construction or alteration to the exterior or interior of a structure
  • Construction of an addition
  • Demolition or moving of a structure
  • Installation or alteration of any equipment regulated by the Code
Additionally, some repairs and/or alterations require a building permit. These include:
  • Cutting away any wall
  • Cutting or removing any structural beam or load-bearing support
  • Removing, altering, or otherwise affecting any required means of egress
  • Changing, replacing, and adding to plumbing, electric, and mechanical systems affecting public health or general safety (standpipe, water supply, sewer, drainage, plumbing vents, etc.)
Anyone planning to make additions or improvements to their property may contact the Building Commissioner at 314-963-5317.


Permits and Applications

ARB Review

Applications requiring review by the ARB (Architectural Review Board) must be submitted by the filing deadline prior to the ARB meeting. 

Architectural Review Board Submission Requirements