Submission Requirements

The purpose of the Architectural Review Board is to ensure and preserve the architectural uniqueness of the City of Webster Groves.


The ARB understands the costs involved in the design and drawing process.  

For full approval and permits you will need to submit the following, after design is approved 2 sets of construction drawings will need to be submitted

ARB submittals should include:

1.         $40 review fee

2.         Building permit

3.         Site Coverage and Floor Area Calculations Sheet

4.         Boundary & Improvement Survey

5.         Building plans (7 sets) including:

Site plan drawn to scale and including dimensions showing:

·    building setbacks

·    existing and proposed grade

·    existing structures and proposed structures

·    location of and relationship to adjacent properties on both sides
Storm water management plan

Exterior elevations of all sides and showing: 

·    context of the structure being affected by the improvements

·    include details of materials and trim

Floor plan showing: 

·    outline of existing rooms

·    detail of improved area

Seven (7) sets of Photos of existing property including:

·    front of building and any side affected by the improvements.  (These photos will be used by board members to determine the architectural style and to understand the scope of the changes to the property.)

Note:  Plans may be reduced to 11 X 17 inches, as long as details and dimensions are clear


Additional information that may be needed includes:

·       Certificate of Appropriateness in historic districts and for Landmark structures only

·       Elevation certificate for flood plain areas only

·       Tree preservation plan for any ARB reviewable project with ownership at less than 1 year


Note: Additional Information is required for Sign review.