Business/Merchants Licenses

Welcome to Webster Groves! We are pleased that you have chosen Webster Groves as your business location. To help you get started there are a few things to keep in mind:

A business license must be issued prior to opening a business, but there are a few things to consider before you choose a location. We have made an informational checklist (included in the application packet) that will give you a better understanding of all the steps and details that are involved in opening a business.  




Submit your completed application packet to Customer Service with the license fee(s). To calculate your license fee use the declaration statement of gross receipts found in the application packet. Established businesses will want to use gross receipts from the previous year, and new businesses will want to use the estimated gross receipts expected for the year. Proof of income is not required when renewing, but it can be requested at any time throughout the year in a random audit of license fees.

At the time of application you will need to pay for the first year of the business license, and submit a copy of the current driver's license for each business owner.

Ownership Changes

Changes in ownership to a business will require a new application. The new owners will follow the steps above under the section labeled Applying. Please contact Customer Service with any questions regarding this process.

Name or Address Change

It is very important to submit updated paperwork when your business changes its name or relocates from one Webster Groves address to another. Please contact Customer Service to get additional information on what is needed.

If you are moving to a location outside of Webster Groves please see the Closing Your Business section below.

Renewing Your Business License 

Businesses are sent their annual renewal every January, and they are due on the last day of April. Any renewal received after April will be assessed late fees. Businesses that need a duplicate renewal form can request one by emailing Customer Service at Additional information regarding renewals can be found in our frequently asked questions PDF.

Eligible non-profit and MO Statue 71.620 exempt businesses can renew their license online by completing the online form below. If you are not exempt you can not renew your license online.

Exempt Business Online Renewal Form

Closing Your Business

If you are closing your business or are moving to another location outside of Webster Groves you will want to return the form below to Customer Service. This will allow us to correct our database and ensure no additional fees or citations are assessed.

Closed Business Statement

Contact Customer Service

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