Tree Awards

About the Program

The Trees of Distinction program was established to raise awareness of the importance of trees to the City's rich history and heritage, culture, and beauty. Download application or fill out the online version

The purpose of this Guide is to formally recognize and locate the Trees of Distinction in Webster Groves. We invite the residents of Webster Groves to become partners with the city as we work together to protect the tree canopy that provides so much value to our community. The Guide is intended to enhance public awareness regarding the importance of trees to the City’s rich history and heritage, culture and beauty. It features each tree that has been awarded a Tree of Distinction status, along with its address, a picture and the year in which the tree was commended. Other information in the Guide will help users understand the value and significance of these tree species and trees in general.

View the Trees of Distinction Brochure.

Awards are given out annually at the Arbor Day celebration.

Trees of Distinction

2006 - 550 Sunnyside - Exceptional White Oak tree - Lost in 2016

2007 - 213 South Maple - One of the largest Horse Chestnut trees in the area - Lost in 2015

2008 - 315 West Swon - Picturesque Ginko that is nearly a century old

2009 - 412 Marion - Unique, quadruple-trunked American Elm tree - Lost in 2014

2009 - 607 E. Jackson - Classic American Elm tree

2009 - 111 Jefferson - Historically renowned White Oak tree

2010 - 50 Webster Acres - White Oak

2011 - Webster Acres Common Area - Linden

2012 - 204 Park - Burr Oak, 615 Selma - Tulip Poplar, and 948 Twining Place - Willow Oak

2013 - 604 Clark Ave. - Sycamore

2014 - 343 Hillside - Swamp White Oak

2015 - 452 S. Park Ave. - Post Oak

2016 - 425 N. Rock Hill Rd. - Certified Liberty Tree White Oak

2017 - 528 Greeley - Tulip Tree

2018 - 333 McDonald Place - Southern Magnolia trees

2019 - 532 Lee Ave. - Shingle Oak

2021 - 225 W. Jackson Rd - American Elm

2022 - 592 Virginia Ave. - Black Tupelo 

Public Tree Award

2014 - #4 E. Lockwood - City Hall - White Oak Cross

2015 - #33 E. Glendale - Recreation Complex - Sycamore

2016 - 600 N. Bompart Ave. - First United Methodist Church (Right-of-Way) - Golden Larch

2017 - 301 Carmel - Private Home (Right-of-Way) - Loblolly Pine

2018 - 630 S. Elm Ave - Hixson Middle School - Red Oak

2021 - East Lockwood Ave. & Joy Ave. - Webster University - Cucumber tree

Tree Stewards

2004 - Steve Trampe - Honored for his work with trees in the Owen Ridge development

2005 - Betty Kellerman - Honored as a steward of trees in her yard and her work with children.

2006 - Dave Homeier - Honored for helping remove invasive vines from area trees.

2007 - Melissa Siedel and Cub Scout Pack 300 - Honored for their work with Missouri Stream Clean, their assistance with creek clean-up and Make a Difference Day, planting trees in North Webster, and securing a grant from Forest Releaf.

2009 - Niki Lester - Honored for her years of service on the Green Space Advisory Commission as well as her dedication to tree causes within the city.

2010 - Charlotte Schneider - Honored for her work with the Missouri Department of Conservation and her newsletters promoting good tree care practices and denouncing tree topping.

2011 - Tim Wood - Honored for his work as the Horticultural and Sustainability Coordinator for The College School. He also worked to remove honeysuckle and plant trees and native shrubs in Lockwood Park and gave away trees through The College School's annual native tree giveaway.

2012 - Jim McMillan (Rolling Ridge Nursery) - Since 1959 Rolling Ridge Nursery has been selling and helping care for trees, shrubs, lawns, and gardens in the Webster Groves area. They have also provided trees to area schools for beautification efforts and donated trees to the World Bird Sanctuary for bird habitat.

2013 - Carole Pershing - Honored for her work on the Green Space Advisory Commission, honeysuckle removal, work on the Tree Ordinance, and other educational programs.

2014 - Kevin Taylor - Worked closely with the City to provide quality homebuilding with preservation in mind. Has shown exemplary standards in following the Tree and Landscape Ordinance.

2015 - Judge William H. and Lynda Webster - Commemorates the planting of 300 trees in Webster Groves in celebration of Judge Webster's 90th birthday.

2016 - Vaughn Meister - Honored for her volunteer work at Forest ReLeaf, honeysuckle removal, environmental stewardship, and more. 

2017 - Shawnell Faber - Honored for her years of service in tree preservation as well as efforts with the tree ordinance and tree planting throughout the City. 

2018 - Don Knobbe and Lisa Picker - Honored for their years of educating students, efforts to remove invasive plants, and initiative in building bird and pollinator gardens. 

2019 - Cindy Lueder - Missouri Master Naturalist - Honored for her years volunteering and educating others in how to be good stewards of our earth's resources. 

2021 - Janice and Richard Schweitzer 

2022 - Tessa Wasserman - Honored for her dedication to nature through her efforts in youth education and pollinator gardens.