Ivory Crockett Park Renovations

BackgroundMayor Gerry Welch & Ivory Crockett

Ivory Crockett Park is located in North Webster at 106 Almentor Ave.

The park was created in 1971 and was known as Central City Park. In 1994 it was renamed Ivory Crockett Park after Ivory Crockett, a 1968 graduate of Webster Groves High School who broke a world record when he ran the 100-yard dash in 9 seconds claiming the title, "The world's fastest human."

Park Renovations

Ivory Crockett park is scheduled for renovations over the next few years. The park improvements were a priority of the City Council who were instrumental in moving the deadline for renovations forward.

Phase 1:   Resurface basketball courts and replace asphalt walking paths with wider concrete ¼ mile loop. 

Phase 2: Community Input: The City of Webster Groves is seeking community input from those who use the park. An initial survey will allow the City to see what the community enjoys most about the park and what changes they'd like to see moving forward.

Phase 3: Develop a timeline of renovations based on community feedback.

Phase 4: Seek future input on individual projects as needed. 

Community Input

Ivory Crockett Park basketball and tennis courts, playground, pavilions, parking lots, and walking paths need renovation. In August and September, the City asked residents and users for their input on current Ivory Crockett features and priorities for future improvements to the park. The City held a Popsicles in the Park event on September 8 that was attended by approximately 20 persons. From this event, we heard and saw on the input board that the courts were the amenity that had the highest need for improvement. The next highest needs rated at this meeting were the playground and restrooms.

We also asked for input via an online survey. We received 97 responses, 86 from residents, and 65 were from residents of the North Webster neighborhood. The majority of respondents walk to the park when they use it. The favorite amenities of users are green space and the playground, followed by a walking trail and pavilion. Respondents rank future improvement needs from highest to lowest as the playground, pavilion, restroom, tennis court, restrooms. The last question was an open question asking what one thing the park is missing; spray ground-15, safety-12, pavilion-11, landscape-10, restroom-6, playground-5, and others. Community input results can be viewed here

Staff Recommendations

After reviewing all of the public input as well as the conditions of the amenities, parks & recreation staff recommends renovation focus in order of highest importance as basketball courts, walking trail, tennis court, playground, pavilion, and restroom.

  • The walking trail has already been completed this fall, with special thanks to the Public Works staff who completed that project.
  • Council has already approved the funds to renovate the basketball courts. The new backboards have already been delivered, and we are first on our contractor’s list for a spring install as soon as evening temperatures are above seventy degrees.
  • We recommend the tennis court be renovated into a multipurpose court space including lines for youth basketball, pickleball, corkball ($15,000). We would also need to purchase permanent youth basketball backboards ($7,770), and two sets of moveable pickleball nets ($3,110). The total cost to renovate this space is approximately $26,000.
  • More discussion is needed on renovation to the playground. The current playground is the third newest playground in our park system behind Barnickle Park (2019), and Glen Park (2018). We would recommend adding a few additional pieces to this playground such as a web climber and improved swings at a cost of less than $50,000. In addition, the highest volume on the open-ended question on the public survey was for a water feature or spray ground. A spray ground cost would range from $100,000 to $200,000+ depending on the number of features and type of water system used. Sample pictures and cost can be viewed here.
  • The two non-matching pavilions should be removed and replaced with one larger structure ($120,000-$150,000).
  • The restroom should be upgraded with automatic locking doors. These doors would be on a timer that would magnetically lock the doors when the park is not open to the public. We would use the same system as the other park restrooms. The cost estimate to install is $10,000.

Staff currently awaits input from Council on a plan moving forward. 

Current Amenities at Ivory Crockett Park

Here's a look at the current amenities and offerings at Ivory Crockett Park. 

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