Charter Review Advisory Board


The Charter Review Advisory Board shall act in an advisory capacity to the Council in matters pertaining to the amendment of the Charter of the City.


The Board consists of nine members. They meet on call of the Chairperson.  

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The current City Charter was adopted in 1954 and last amended, by vote of the residents of the City, in 2020.

Charter Review Ordered by Citizens

In April 2022, the resident of Webster Groves voted to require the City Council to constitute the Charter Review Advisory Board and propose amendments, if any, to the City Council.

Applications have been accepted and interviews are now being held for the City of Webster Groves Charter Review Advisory Board. The Charter Review Advisory Board will work with staff, a City Council liaison, and the City Attorney to review the current City Charter for sections and/or language or policies that may be outdated and propose amendments for an updated Charter to the City Council. The committee will present any recommended amendments to the Council for consideration and the Council will determine which proposals will be voted on by City residents. 

In appointing the nine members of the Charter Review Advisory Board, the Council seeks to create a diverse board. This diversity includes characteristics such as age, gender identity, race, geography, education, length of residence, and professional background. Board members must be registered to vote in Webster Groves. 

The board will begin its work in October.  

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Information & Resources

Residents interested in submitting an application for the Charter Review Advisory Board may be interested in reviewing the information below.