Green Dining

The Green Dining Alliance 

The Green Dining Alliance, an initiative of earthday365, is committed to working with restaurants in the St. Louis region to reduce their environmental impact. 

The GDA puts a strong emphasis on reducing, recycling, and composting restaurant waste, operating facilities with energy efficiency, water conservation, education and awareness, and sourcing sustainable food, to-go ware, cleaning supplies.

GDA Core Concepts:

  • Recycle
  • Ban Styrofoam
  • Phase in efficient lighting
  • Set goals for waste reduction
  • Share baseline data with GDA
  • Train + educated staff about waste diversion

Get certified in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Commit to the Core Concepts
  2. Schedule a GDA on-site evaluation
  3. Score at least 100 points on the evaluation
  4. Pay membership fee ($250 for the first year, then $200 annually).

Webster Groves Green Dining Alliance Microgrant Program

To support area restaurants in lowering their environmental impact, the City of Webster Groves is offering microgrants to food service establishments that get certified with the Green Dining Alliance.

All food service establishments are eligible!

Once businesses have committed to the Core Concepts, applicants can apply via the City’s form online. 

Awards will be paid upon the applicant’s demonstrated commitment.

Microgrants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the $50,000 funding source is obligated.

Available Grants from Webster Groves

  • Reduce Microgrant: $1,000
    1. Helps cover baseline steps such as:
      • Eliminating Styrofoam products. 
      • Utilizing single-stream recycling.
    2. GDA membership fee.  
  • Recharge Microgrant: $3,000
    1. Helps offset high cost of energy improvements such as:
      • Installing energy efficient lighting.
      • Installing commercial electric ranges.
      • Installing EV charging stations.

To apply for a grant, please click here

Contact Information:

The Green Dining Alliance

Ben Daugherty
GDA Program Manager

Webster Groves

Shawn Finnegan
Webster Groves Sustainability Coordinator