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Business Development Commission Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date:

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Meeting Called to Order:

8:00 a.m.

Meeting Adjourned:

9:15 a.m.

Next Meeting Date:

Thursday, March 28th, 2013







Pat Richards



Chalegne O’Brien



Julie Campbell



Lee Moss



Greg Bratcher



Mittie Bond



Sue Sullivan



Charlie Downs



Rebecca Olson





Also Present



Council Liaison-Mayor Gerry Welch



Staff Liaison-Mara Perry



Staff Liaison-Joan Jadali





Call to Order

Pat Richards, Chair, called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.


Review of Minutes

The minutes were reviewed from the January meeting. Chalegne motioned for approval with a second from Lee.  All voted in favor.


Update on PR

The Mayor reviewed a number of items that were underway by the PR Committee including the Spring/Summer Insert to the Recreation Brochure that will also be sent out as a separate mailing.  She also indicated that the committee is looking at ways to communicate on a larger scale with businesses and attempting to coordinate these efforts among the districts. 


Sue stated that 100 wreaths for the 2013 holiday season have been ordered. That is twice the quantity of wreaths ordered for the 2012 holiday season.   


Mara commented that she received some information on Where magazine and is passing it on to the PR Committee.  This magazine goes to the same places such as hotels as the CVC literature.  Mara stated that they currently have available advertising space on the back cover of their current publication if there is interest.


Planning Next All Business Meeting

The next all business meeting will be on Thursday, March 7th at the Recreation Complex.  Topics that we plan to discuss include the following:

·         Sally Huck, media buyer, guest speaker; will communicate with business owners on where to put resources for advertising…how to get the most for our money.

·         Overview of BDC and various programs (including gift certificate program)

·         Communication Efforts…determine the method and what type of information business owners want to hear from the City to keep in touch with what is going on around town.

·         Update on the PR Committee…what have we done so far

·         Explore Webster Groves website

·         Quick Review on CVC—bring copies of magazines (Pat will get from Mary and Nancy)



Review of Explore WG Website

Mara gave an update of the website and stated that she is looking into a mobile website that has search optimization functions.  She also indicated that in some Best Practices for 2013, it states that one shouldn’t spend a lot of money on websites but to make them mobile; people can find so much information now on their phones through applications. Mara and Joan will meet with a local company who does this next week.


Pat indicated that she thinks that we lost site of the initial goal of the Explore Webster Groves website, where it was to be both a fun, interactive website as well as one that would replace Old Orchard’s site, Old Webster’s site, and others.  It was agreed that a committee meet to review the current needs of the community regarding the website, whether the website will provide needed uses for the community, or whether upon our evaluation we find that the website is really not a valuable tool and we need to seek alternative communication venues with our business owners.  The committee will consist of the following members: Chalegne, Sue, Greg, Pat, Gerry, and Mara.


Mara also handed out copies of Constant Contacting training programs for anyone who uses this communication contact and needs more training.




The following items will be held open for numbers for the Fiscal Year 2014 budget: Website

Email List

Constant Contact


For the Business Forums that take place bi-annually, approximately $1,000 will be requested for a few breakfast items and other supplies for these meetings.





Mara gave an update to the group about various business activities going on in Webster Groves.  She indicated that three different businesses are wanting the Dr. Jazz facility.  She also stated that a business is looking at opening in the Novus building, one in Reliable Life, and a CPA has moved into the Kenary Florist Shop.  Julie Campbell is moving one building west and a dance studio is taking her spot. 

mentioned that CVS is going for its final reading of its plat at the next City Council meeting. Architextures bought the Goetz building in Crossroads and the Gallery is moving to the Old Webster Records building.  There is also interest expressed by a business owner to sell tires from a vacant building on the corner of Gray and Bid Bend (across from Art of Entertaining). 


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. 



The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.