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Minutes Old Webster Special Business District

Advisory Commission Meeting

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Members Present: Don Baumstark, Ron Clipp, Phil Lindwedel, Bill Newhouse, Mara Perry, Jackie Postiglione, Joe Rath, Kathy Reimelt, and Kerry Thornton.


Others Present: Tanya Richards and Matt Dorsey of KTRS Radio; Mayor Gerry Welch; Shawnell Faber, Parks and Recreation Dept.; and Ellen Light, Secretary.


Presiding: Polly Brackman


Meeting began at 8:04 a.m.


Approval of Minutes

• Joe moved to approve, Jackie seconded, minutes for Oct. 23, 2012, were approved.


Financial Report - Jackie/Mara

• Mara brought a recent report with actual balance.

• Projected fund balance if we spend everything would be $60,388.76.

• We will see revenue coming in, in January.

• Advertising (830) is more than what we see on sheet because of decoration and Xmas ad package from Webster-Kirkwood Times.

• Assumption is that we will get in the same amount of revenue from businesses, and should come in about what projected revenue was.

• Polly asked about LED cost…and Open House charges are still to come.

• Balance of $750 is still with KTRS, which is something to keep in mind.

• Fund will be decreased by $23,000.

Property Tax

• Jackie inquired regarding property tax on vacant buildings.

• Provision Living is on the tax rolls (property tax).

• Business licenses are based on gross sales.

• Adopted budget assumes similar business property taxes.

• Mayor noted sale of Nomax took building off tax rolls; suggested we might discuss tax rates.

• Kathy asked what we can do?

• Mayor explained more about tax rates.

• Mara can find out details of what it might take to change tax rates.

• Depending on what the University uses the old Nomax building for…it can either be taxed or not.

• Mara will try to get a summary of those paying $0-100; as well as a map of boundaries for taxing district.

• She also plans to find out about rules regarding changing property tax rate for the taxing district.

• Kerry asked how about as far as raising business taxes? Mara said she will also look into that, and Kerry added that a comparison with other areas around here would be helpful as well.

• Mayor thought Old Webster has the lowest rate of the three districts.

• Polly also asked about Auto Beauty’s tax contributions; Mara noted zoning process cannot take taxes into account.


City Report - Mara

• Auto Beauty Specialists (ABS) rezoning was denied at City council.

• They can go to future council meeting for second reading.

• They are not scheduled now, but will continue to review their options.

• City council cannot take into account future potential tax losses in regard to zoning.

Ø Only reason they are still there is because of lawsuit which gives them until Jan. 2016.

Ø They could continue to do only detailing there and move the repair portion.

Ø “PC” allows for specific uses which will run with the land until someone comes in and rezones.

Ø This PC is asking for a use that right now would need to be in an industrial zoning.

Ø One PC district is not the same as another; once it goes to PC that use stays with the land.

•  Bill asked about Brentwood corridor? Mara said Brentwood is looking at area because of flooding (Kirkham area).

•  Shafer has a “D” zoning; Red LaMore is PC.

•  Bill asked if there is any thought of expanding the Old Webster taxing district to the Kirkham area?

•  Kiosk outside of City Hall, Map needs to be redone, Crossroads is not on there; board was asked to think about consistent keys for updates at beginning of year, e.g. art galleries.

•  Also will be updating restaurant guide for district.


Streetscape/Maintenance - Shawnell – Parks & Recreation Dept. Updates

• Reindeer are arriving today.

Ø Polly asked if reindeer were heavy…Shawnell noted that they are being tethered down.

Ø Was on Show Me St. Louis program. People like them so much they wanted to buy them!

• Green materials coming in later today.

• This year can afford to do more mixed greens and plants; Norways that were oversummered did well; extra greens at reasonable price from one of growers.

• Extra trees also being lent to district for Holidays.

• Bamboo just for accents this year.

• Several trees replaced.

• Almost all tree grates out…mostly doing leaf removal at present.

• Polly asked if our budget is what is being used? Shawnell doesn’t think we’ll go over, but if she needed to she would come to board first.

• We will see some new charges start to appear now since up until now charges were from previous budget.


Pedestrian signage

• Polly handed out info that Kelly from Adler sent her to make pedestrian signage more visible.* (See attached pdf file)

Ø Samples show how type faces make a difference.

Ø She will email samples so we can see in color.

Ø She has not gotten new information on cost.

Ø To do entire sign is $615, thought one panel was about $215.

• Polly said we should be ready to discuss in January.




• Webster Records lights are on…wiring in today.

• May need to see about getting letter together for those who have contacted.

• Email Ellen and she will get it done.

• Street lighting looks great, and it is all up. 

• Phil noticed light on garage sign looks dull and burnt out…may need to be changed to LED to fix.

• Mayor asked about Straub’s lights which appear burned out—as are the ones on parking lot; Mara will ask someone from Straub’s about that.


Old Business

Recycling Container

• Top is there on the bin; they tried to raise rate but Mara got them to take back down at least for rest of budget year.

• Kathy mentioned it now says “single stream.”

• Bill asked when we renegotiate again?  Mara will check and let us know.


• Joe said he was told it would be early November; should only take a few days for installation.

Interstate Sign

• Ron had no news; Paul has contacted them multiple times.

• Polly asked Mayor to contact State to see if anything can be determined.


New Business

KTRS — Tanya Richards and Matt Dorsey

• Matt Dorsey KTRS has worked with Webster in the past.

• Now in 16th year at KTRS, they have strong local on-air personalities who reach wide area.

• Special pricing is offered. 

• They give us frequency bonus program, 60 to 100 commercials per month.

• Allows for thirty-second donut in the middle for individual business promotions.

• Station takes care of all production.

• Most affordable way to reach large audience.

• In response to Polly’s question, Matt said we have done this three times previously…each time we had ten merchants involved.

• They are asking for a $2,250 contribution for three months. If they get fewer contributors they each will get more time…if more contributors, less time for each.

• Mayor asked about moving beginning of campaign to March, April, May— which might make more sense, and give time for the districts to find a way to work together.

• Business Development PR commission meets next week per Mayor…she said it ‘s a good time for them to discuss.


• Polly asked about use of KEZK choice for Xmas…and Mayor said it was because of that  station’s Christmas music specialty.

• Women do the Xmas shopping per Mayor; Ron has used KTRS…likes local aspect and $75 per month is very reasonable. 

• Kerry asked about Y98?  We did Xmas Open House ads with them… suggested doing research with other stations to see what they would offer.

• Polly noted we’re looking at $2,250 for Old Webster—would it be beneficial to open up to rest of Webster and we’d pay less, but get less coverage?

• Ron suggested letting Mayor discuss with Business Development PR group, and let’s come back in January for further discussion; he recommended March start as well.

• Don noted twenty-somethings don’t generally listen to radio or use newspapers…he is jaded about radio.

• Consensus is we will talk in January; don’t really want to start until March.

Chamber of Commerce Letter

• Requesting funding for Santa on the Loose; $750.

• Bill feels it is late, and budget is tight…doesn’t want to fund.

• Race starts in Old Orchard.

• Kathy said it might be best for next year; they should ask ahead of event.

• All opposed funding as it was too late and over budget.

OWTA Funding

• They don’t have a December meeting.

• Polly is asking Phil to look into monetary specifics.

• Joe said we cover $150 a month to cover basic administration costs.

Other Decorations

• Mayor asked if we could encourage folks at Gorlock to put up Xmas decoration on upper window.

• Phil said they were easy to work with on lighting, he will contact them and mention that request.


Meeting ended 9:30 a.m.


Next meeting: Tuesday, January 22, 2013