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Minutes Old Webster Special Business District

Advisory Commission Meeting

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Members Present: Ron Clipp, Phil Lindwedel, Mara Perry, Jackie Postiglione, Joe Rath, Kathy Reimelt, and Kerry Thornton.


Others Present: Mayor Gerry Welch; Joan Jadali, Director of Finance & Administration, Stacie Swederska of Paisley Boutique and Ellen Light, Secretary.


Presiding: Don Baumstark


Meeting began at 8:02 a.m.


Approval of Minutes

• Joe moved to approve both sets of minutes; Jackie seconded, minutes for Jan 22 and Feb 7, 2013, were approved.


Business License/Tax Questions for Joan Jadali

• Mara suggested we ask business license questions, particularly in regard to amending tax rates.

• Don noted that we understand it would be the property owners’ concern.

• Joan would need to look it up—as far as timing, she will report back to us at next meeting.

• Don asked about Provision Living across street, where the $785, and business license taxes would apply only to the little café. It went through the zoning that it did in order that the restaurant could be accessed by general public.


Budget Discussion:

• Mara compared the two printouts—(Jackie’s and hers).

• Mara’s is updated with projected balance and revenue, updated as of today, showing percent of the budget spent so far.

• Kept Professional Services the same.

• Disposal services, she is trying to get new bids for new service; they are doing single stream recycling, but she is concerned that we don’t go over budget. 

• Our recycling is twice a week; consensus is it does get used and is needed.

• Parking lot rental, was renegotiated; we spent $12,500, but budget went down.

• Spent less on streetlights, brought number down closer to what was spent last year.

• For streetlight replacement $6,438 actual number.

• Last year revenue was almost $69K; this year number doesn’t necessarily show that it would be that high.  It’s too early to tell exactly with business licenses this year.

• Mara hoped to rectify 721, 730 and 751 categories.

• She proposed we transfer funds directly to Parks, and let them do the budget breakdown, instead of having them charge our accounts directly.

• Mara noted she is working on finding more exact breakdowns regarding proposal that Shawnell gave us last year.

• Kathy thought it might be good to work backwards from total.

• Don said we should do each item down the list.

• Jackie noted all we have left to work with is Advertising and Parks Dept.

Financial Report - Jackie

• Don asked if we want to start with our 50/50 project on the lights to make sure that can get done?

• Last year we were right at budget on everything; we’d gone from budgeting around $60K, and spending $50K, to budgeting $75-80K and actually hitting those numbers.

• We basically doubled the cost on using Parks—as a result district never looked better, but we need to adjust.

• Jackie preferred being more conservative.

• We still have street trees, $300-$500 to replace trees; spoke about “adopt-a-tree,” etc.
to approach churches, businesses, individuals.

• Then we would need to work with Shawnell to get a rough idea what it would cost per year, so we can ask for that kind of donation; we could make it community-wide, not just business-district wide.

• Ron asked about 751; holiday decorations haven’t all been billed yet, but we know Shawnell has spent all budgeted and gone over.

• Jackie stated we need to give her a number so she can work with that.

• Mayor mentioned there ought to be a conversation directly with Shawnell.

• Mara noted that she has been working with Shawnell on details. Suggests we don’t radically go down, but if we can start working on other programs, that would help for following year.

• Mara had us at $26,600, which puts us at $59,740 without Advertising, leaves less than $10K.

• Don restated that it is good news for our budget is that in three years the streetlights will be paid off.

• Kathy asked about cost for holiday Open House? 

• Phil said all of the $5K which was designated was spent on Open House.

• Mayor asked about breakdown of what Trade will need as far as budget?

• Phil conveyed they want to continue $3,300 for street dance; and Admin $150 per month for eleven months.

• What about Webster Grooves? We put off answering about our help because we needed to work on our numbers.

• Jazz Fest was $6K; $5K for Open House, Xmas Ad Package $4K; $3,300 Street Dance, Web site $650; Holiday promotions, $1K.

• Phil said $9,950, or basically $10K needed for Trade.

• Jazz Fest needed to have $5-6K set aside.

• Mara asked in the end, will Joe actually spend that much?

• Mara thought better to put in $1K in our budget.

• Mayor said Jazz Fest is Taxing District-City event.

• Mara asked if we want to keep the same amount in Advertising for Webster-Kirkwood Times?

• Ron suggested we might ask more from the businesses? 

• Kerry thought there may be another place than to ask businesses for more cash input.

• Ron noted we would like to keep Parks budget the same, so our only choice is Advertising.

• Kerry questioned benefit of Street Dance? It doesn’t bring business, most places are closed.

• Ron said that although Jazz Fest kills his business that day, he knows it is great for district.

• Jackie said maybe we should focus more on local special events.

• Mara thought we should put $4K in for Holiday Ad package; then there was additional $1,600 for Webster-Kirkwood Times ads, which she suggested keeping in for now.

• Mara suggested we could put Web site down to $500.

• Holiday promotions at $1500; then there is still Miscellaneous.

• Joe had a problem with Trade Association Admin under Advertising; suggestion was made to move that $1,650 for Admin into Professional Services: leaving $16,900 in Advertising.

• Shaved about $3K off budget with some changes.

• We have proposed budget of $81,390.

• We have now lowered Miscellaneous to $4K.

• Jackie said we tried to avoid making separate line items for each sponsorship, but Mara needed breakdown for her  paperwork – Jackie suggests leaving it in Miscellaneous.

• Joe made motion to accept $81,390 for the 2013 budget.

• Phil asked if that’s the number we suggested; Mara said we could bring Holiday Ad package down from $4K to $3K, that would bring down to 80K.

• Kerry didn’t want to ask businesses to contribute more to ad package; Ron felt it isn’t that much.

• Kerry didn’t think we should contribute so much to Street Dance.

• Jackie thought just get Advertising down to $19,000—then we can use it however we see fit as need arises.

• Jackie made motion we approve $80,390; Kerry seconded.

• Don asked if all approve and motion passed unanimously.

• Don inquired about benches; Mara hadn’t heard about replacement, will talk with police about that.

• Mara asked if there are any expenses, to please get them over to her as soon as possible.


March Elections:

• Don noted Kerry was in charge of election committee last time.

• She agreed to be the “nominating committee” again.

• Mayor praised Polly’s work as chairperson.

• Mara stated she will help with all aspects of chairperson’s duties.


New Business

Webster Grooves — Request for Support

• Jackie thought we should give them support.

• Mara would like to wait until next meeting when she has more information on what expenses have come in.

• Joe made motion to give them $500, Ron suggested $1,000. Don brought out that timing is close, and we should give him a number today.

• Jackie made motion we’ll give $1K.

• Don put motion before board that we give $1,000 now with potential for more at next meeting. All were in favor, motion passed.

• Phil asked about insurance? Mara said new special event permit will help to figure that out.


City Report - Mara

• Mara discussed Cinco de Mayo; requests for run that day.

• Nothing new on Auto Beauty.

• There are applicants for new tenant for Dr Jazz—three different types of restaurants, will probably be back at April Plan Commission meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 9:25 a.m.


Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 26, 2013.