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  1. Position and Application Information

    Please provide your position and application information. This information will be made public on the City of Webster Groves job board. 

  2. Please provide the name of the hiring entity (business name, etc).

  3. Please enter your desire stated salary range or hiring rate.

  4. Please provide the position title.

  5. Please provide your position description outlining the duties and requirements of the position along with any preferences for knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

  6. Please provide your web link for interested parties to apply to the position. 

  7. Please fill this field out with information on how to apply for the position (if not using a standard web link)

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    This information is not shared with the public or job-seekers. This information is collected in the event we have any questions regarding your posting and to ensure compliance with City of Webster Groves policy.

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    I affirm that the Entity positing this job availability is a Webster Groves' located entity, is appropriately licensed as required by the City of Webster Groves, and that this position is available to the general public whom may apply.

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